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Okay, so I recently asked MiRai to create a teaser video for Joe Multiboxer, (as in any average Joe should be able to use it like a pro; JMB for short) soon to be the new king of multiboxing software (when it comes out). I put it up on

The cat is out of the bag. Now there’s questions, and I’ll try to get to them in a sensible order. Here’s the first ones.

Why do we need Joe Multiboxer? Isn’t ISBoxer already awesome?

Why yes, ISBoxer is pretty sweet. There is no better multiboxing software available right now. And it is very easy to get started multiboxing with it, especially if you’re playing World of Warcraft. (Yes, I wrote ISBoxer.)

But it needs a new engine. ISBoxer is built on Inner Space, which is essentially a window management system for building multiboxing software and other gaming tools. Joe Multiboxer is being built with the Inner Space 2 Engine. The IS2 Engine provides new capabilities that were not available in the original, like the ability to independently map multiple USB keyboards. You might consider making some room on your desk for another keyboard, because it’s going to be awesome. Here’s some examples of how this feature might be used:

  • Any spare USB keyboard could be used in place of an expensive custom device like those available from X-Keys, for hotkeys that don’t interfere with your ability to type
  • Any keys pressed on one of your keyboards could automatically broadcast to all of your game windows
  • Assign different keyboards to different game windows

In contrast to how ISBoxer and Inner Space work together, there will not be two separate programs for you to install. Instead, Joe Multiboxer loads the components of the IS2 Engine that it needs; In fact, most JMB users will probably be unaware that it is using the IS2 Engine at all.

What will happen to ISBoxer?

Change isn’t for everyone. ISBoxer will still be available to those who prefer it. ISBoxer will continue to be maintained, and it will receive updates as needed.

I think the vast majority of ISBoxer users will probably switch to JMB as soon as it’s out. A subscription will work for both, and Joe Multiboxer can read your ISBoxer configuration, so either way there’s no excuse not to try it out.

But Joe, I want to know more!

Come by the chat room (#jmb on or ask questions in comments here, and I will try to get to them in future posts. I’ll be posting some new information every few days.

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