DirectX11 support for Inner Space and ISBoxer is now in public testing!

First, the link if you want more information about using DirectX11 with ISBoxer right now. So far, everyone that has tried it reports performance gains and that everything still works — exactly what I was hoping to hear!

This DirectX11 update went quicker than I expected in my last post. I was expecting to have to take the time to dive headfirst into text rendering, which as it turns out is a huge pain in the ass. Since I had to make sure the text in my DirectX11 renderer looks pretty much the same as in my DirectX9 renderer, I decided to start reverse engineering the relevant parts of the library I previously used (D3DX9). I would have to reproduce pretty much that exact code anyway for the text to be identical. Then I realized it would be much easier just to use the original code. This turned out to be the right decision. It didn’t take me too much effort to get D3DXFont rendering in DirectX11 and it performs just as well, if not faster, than with DirectX9. So, if anyone else has a reason to use D3DXFont with DirectX11 instead of using the “recommended” method of using Direct2D + DirectWrite + DirectX10 + DirectX11, feel free to contact me for information on how to do this.

Now that DirectX11 support is available, my time this week is probably going to be devoted to fixing bugs in Inner Space. One of those will be the issue where WoW since 4.0.1 doesn’t replace the cursor to the correct position after having centered it for mouselook, which gets reported as “Inner Space centers the cursor on my slave windows when I click.” The cursor is hidden during mouselook, so when it does put the cursor back in the right position the user doesn’t generally know.

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