WoW 4.0.1 and me

I haven’t logged into WoW in a while, since I’ve been working my ass off. A few days ago I finally logged into my paladins and spent the time to learn about the new talents, abilities and mechanics (Holy Power). I have to say I was a little unhappy that my Divine Storm build went away since it’s now a Holy Power ability. Hand of Reckoning now has no damage component, which means less free ret DPS first of all but secondly, it’s now useless for competitive pulling. That’s fine I guess, more Avenger’s Shield…

Then there’s the new rotations. One good thing that comes out of having to redo my rotations is that now I have a separate rotation for Single Target vs AOE. My old switch that used to go between Defensive, Normal and Overdrive rotation modes (Defensive I used Flash of Light for AoW procs, Overdrive added Hand of Reckoning) now goes between Defensive, Single Target and AOE.  Kind of convenient not having HoR damage in that respect, since I replaced a mode instead of adding another one to a growing list. I also have separate options for PVP, which pre-4.0.1 would include Hammer of Justice and Arcane Torrent (Blood Elf FTW), as well as Repentance for 5v5 arenas. Now I’ll have to add Rebuke to that. ;)

With the changes to Holy, I’m also finding myself needing more spells on my Vuhdo unit frames. Enough that I need modifier keys to include them all. That’s kind of inconvenient when I’m multiboxing on my laptop (Asus G73, i7 CPU with Radeon HD 5870) , mostly because I use a Logitech G13 next to it instead of the Logitech G15 keyboard (v1 with 18 G-keys, not the 6-button crap they sell now) I use with my desktop. You just can’t reasonably hit a modifier key on your keyboard if your hands are on the G13 and mouse (my combat stance; out of combat my left hand is back on the keyboard). It’s possible to use any button as a modifier key with ISBoxer, but the buttons I would do this with on the G13 aren’t particularly comfortable to me to hold, and I’d rather use them for other purposes.

Setting up key combos for the Click Bar

So, I’m taking the plunge, as it were, and switching from using a Repeater Region to a Click Bar. In doing so, I ran into the bug that’s been reported where the ISBoxer hotkey picker windows would ignore the state of Alt, Ctrl and Shift when clicking a mouse button, so I fixed that to make this process more convenient. Really, I didn’t need to do that at all because I won’t be pressing modifiers, but I wanted to make sure it would work anyway. I don’t need to hold the modifier keys, because I’m using two Click Bar Buttons — one for no modifiers, and one will use Ctrl. That gives 10 possibilities without me having to touch a modifier key, which is plenty for now. If not, I can always move to three buttons, but for simplicity’s sake I’m going to try to avoid that. Another thing I’m setting up is round-robin for Lay on Hands and other spells with long cooldowns that I might have to cast on my party. With my old setup, that was a little difficult to handle. Now it’ll be pretty trivial.

Click Bar Buttons on Vuhdo

So here’s what it looks like now. I gave the buttons red and blue hues, so that it’s easy to remember which is which. I’ll be using blue for primary healing, and red for lesser-used situations (such as the round-robin Lay on Hands). I’m considering making them different sizes, with the blue one thicker than the red one, but until I actually play around with it I won’t know if that’s really necessary.

Off to play with it now. After I do some tweaking I’ll have to do some guides on setting this up. For now if you’re interested, the idea came from this guide, see page 2. There’s also some guides on setting up the simple version using Repeater Regions.

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