ISBoxer 38 Window Layouts preview

I’ve been toiling for days in the lab on the new Window Layout editor for ISBoxer 38, and I’ve got some screenshots to share of my Work in Progress (these are not final images, I can see several things in the screenshots that will probably be different by the time anyone gets their hands on this). Let’s get to it.

Editing Window Layout regions

Editing Window Layout regions

So as you can see from the screenshots, I’ve cleaned up the Window Layout regions editor quite a bit, and at the same time I’ve also expanded on the functionality. On the left you have the same sort of click and drag control you’ve always had with ISBoxer, and on the right you can configure Regions, Slots, and Swap Groups.

Each individual region can have its own border style and Always On Top mode — previously these options were limited. Each region is assigned to a Swap Group, which can define an Active region and a Reset Region (or any combination including neither of these). And each region can be assigned a Slot number, which will indicate that the Slot will live there most of the time (when it is “inactive”).

Editing Window Layout slots

This view lets you manage how the Slots (of Character Sets) will map into the Window Layout.

The Slots view lets you configure which region is used for each Slot, for any given Character Set. Selecting the Character Set in the drop-down box at the top will pretty much just change the names next to the Slot numbers; you can’t set it to use different Slot numbers per Character Set (to do that, just copy the Window Layout to make a new one).

Editing Window Layout Swap Groups

This view lets you manage special regions assigned to the Swap Group, though these settings are also available through the Regions view.

The Swap Groups view has the same options that are also available for the Swap Group at the bottom of the Regions view, but with quick access to all of the available Swap Groups. Swap Groups will be mainly useful for people with multiple monitors, especially with multiple video cards, since this will provide per-monitor swapping! Every region must be in one of 8 Swap Groups, but the Swap Group can essentially disable swapping by not specifying an Active Region. If someone has a reason to have more than 8 Swap Groups, come talk to me, but I think 8 is overkill.

This is still a Work in Progress as I mentioned at the top of the post, but I wanted to show off some of the new features and get some feedback. I still have a lot of work to do, including updating some wizards with the new Window Layout functionality. I plan to have the wizards generate several new styles to choose from, since the current two don’t really do ISBoxer justice. I also need to set up automatic DirectX monitor selection still. I imagine it’ll take another week to finish up all of the Window Layout changes for ISBoxer 38.

I was hoping to have this out by Christmas but I’m taking a road trip next week to visit the wife’s family. So we’ll probably end the year with ISBoxer 38 and then hopefully I’ll be on target to at least beta Joe Multiboxer in the first quarter of 2011.

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