More of what’s coming in ISBoxer 38

Round-robin checkboxSo first of all, a little more on the new Target features described in the previous post. In ISBoxer 38, several types of Actions now have a round-robin checkbox! It doesn’t get any simpler than that, and it works beautifully.

The next major change in ISBoxer 38 is a new section just for World of Warcraft macros. In ISBoxer 37 and earlier, World of Warcraft macros are built right into the World of Warcraft Macro Action. That lent itself to some problems, such as people duplicating macros, and it also made determining which Characters should have which macros a pretty complicated thing for ISBoxer to have to do. By giving them their own section, it is now possible to choose exactly which Characters will have any given WoW Macro, and it’s much easier to work macros this way than by combing through Key Maps for them. The new WoW Macro editor is simplified compared to the original, notably leaving out the “targeting helper” functionality. A new “Named World of Warcraft Action” can be used, instead of the original World of Warcraft Macro Action, to use a macro from the library.

The ISBoxer 38 WoW Macro library and macro editor

What I’m working on now is a revamp to Window Layouts. The engine that runs your Window Layout got a revamp a few versions ago, but the editor hasn’t been updated with the new features… until now! The new Window Layout code allows more control over the behavior of individual regions, and where they swap. For example, ISBoxer users with multiple monitors can have groupings of windows that all swap within a specific monitor. That’s even more beneficial for those with multiple video cards, because moving a window from one video card to the other incurs a significant performance penalty until it’s moved back. (On Vista or later anyway. On Windows XP, moving to any other monitor incurs this performance penalty.) So having this level of control this easy is going to be a big help for all these new folks getting dual video cards. I am also planning to let ISBoxer automatically select the display adapter the game uses for each window. Currently that must be done manually, and results in some confusion. Anyway, the new editor should feel simpler in some ways, and demonstrate more of the implied behavior of your Window Layout, so I will be expecting less people asking why their Window Layout says it requires more regions than they think it should. ;)

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