The most epic ISBoxer update since ISBoxer 35

Alright, we’re back in business after a brief holiday/flu hiatus. ISBoxer 38 is turning out to be pretty epic, and the response from beta testers is, well, ecstatic. The new library for WoW Macros is a huge benefit for anyone managing macros through ISBoxer, the new Target options are simply invaluable (round-robin checkbox, hello!), and the Window Layout changes drastically improve things for people with multiple monitors — Zorba’s Eyefinity setup is sounding pretty damn hot now.

The beta Inner Space build is also pretty juicy, adding official DirectX11 support to Inner Space among a host of other updates that support the new ISBoxer 38 features. My Logitech G510 should be delivered early next week so the popularly requested native support for the G510 should be coming soon too. Not-so-funny thing about that is I also ordered G500 and G700 mice at the same time, which I have now had for several days. The G510 just shipped yesterday. I’m going to be giving the seller of the G510 a bad review on Don’t list an item as in stock if you’re ordering it from newegg the day I order it from you on But I digress, G510 support will definitely be coming soon and G500 and G700 support may or may not be coming soon (supporting them is not quite the same). Either way, expect hardware reviews soon along with some tips on using these products with ISBoxer. What do I need to do to get Logitech to ship me popular/upcoming hardware for reviews and support? My customers love these things ;)

ISBoxer 38 Window Layout wizard

An example style generated by the Window Layout Wizard

So back to ISBoxer 38, I have a couple pictures to share from the new Window Layout style selection page in the Quick Setup Wizard and the Window Layout Wizard. The clunky old “2 styles to pick from” page has been redesigned, with a drop-down box to let you select from many new styles, and a properties panel to set various options for the generated styles. Each of the options are explained at the bottom of the properties panel to make it easier to understand. Each layout also has a generated description which outlines some of the layout’s core features.

ISBoxer 38 Window Layout Styles

ISBoxer 38 Window Layout Styles

And here’s the second pic, which shows a handful of different styles available in the drop-down. Some of the options in the properties panel reduce the number of styles that are listed; for these screenshots, for example, I have disabled the “Cross-monitor swapping” option under multiple monitors. Because this option has been set, any generated layout that would swap windows between monitors is removed from the list. Most of the styles that are generated are for multiple monitors — single monitor layouts are all pretty similar and can be configured with just the “Common” options, such as an edge to line windows up along.

Any ISBoxer users who would like to join the ISBoxer beta testing program should apply to join the Beta Testers group on the forums. The beta download will be distributed there instead of through the ISBoxer Chat Room! Also, Joe Multiboxer alpha and beta information will be posted there when available. :)  To join the Beta Testers group, go to the User Control Panel on the forums, and select Usergroups from the menu on the left. Click the “Select” button on the right next to the Beta Testers group, then click the Submit button at the bottom next to “Join selected”. I’ll approve pretty much anyone that applies.

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