Multiboxing Mashup: ISBoxer 38 in full effect

ISBoxer 38 is live (changelog), and it is beautiful. The revamped Window Layouts and the Window Layout generator have made ISBoxer’s powerful window management even more flexible and easier to use. The new Video Feeds feature has opened up a whole new level of customization never seen before in gaming, offering custom mashups of information from different game windows. The World of Warcraft Macro Library makes it easier than ever to manage your WoW macros — in fact, some WoW players are starting to take advantage of this and other ISBoxer features, even though they don’t multibox! And DirectX11 support is here, too!

EverQuest mashup! With some clever planning, ISBoxer user Alge has set up visible, interactive -- fully working -- hotbars from every window, in his main EQ window!

EverQuest players are flocking to ISBoxer in droves, partly thanks to the recent opening of the Fippy Darkpaw progression server. EverQuest progression servers aim to bring “the good old days” back to EverQuest, and why not? As far as I’m concerned, those were the days when EverQuest was worth playing. For anyone unaware, Lavish Software was originally founded on multiboxing software for EverQuest: EQPlayNice and WinEQ. And now, with ISBoxer, many of these nostalgic EverQuest players are also getting a taste of something they’ve never had before. The ability to use a second character to heal themselves (or anything else), within the rules of the game, and without alt+tabbing to switch windows. The ability to mash up all of their important information from their characters in one place. As any old-school EverQuest player would put it: ├╝ber.

RIFT players are also flocking to ISBoxer, and the game’s not even technically released yet. The game seems to be doing pretty well so far, and multiboxers are enthusiastic because of a recent post from a Trion Worlds “Community Lead” saying that multiboxing in RIFT is allowed. Immediately following that news, I released a step by step walkthrough for setting up basic multiboxing macros in RIFT, which sets up features for RIFT similar to what we use for World of Warcraft — lead from any window and your other characters can follow and assist you in combat, using your existing RIFT action bars! I think it’s safe to say that RIFT has (or will have, next week) the best launch experience for multiboxers so far of any MMORPG, at least outside of Asia.

This year is looking pretty exciting for multiboxers. Video Feeds alone will revolutionize the way multiboxers operate, and this is just the beginning!

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