Diablo 3 Multiboxing

Oh boy, do I need to update my blog. So much to talk about, and so little time for me to talk about it. ;)

So here’s one for you. Diablo 3 is nearing the end of Beta. And people want to multibox it. This game is kind of unique to most of us, in that it will launch — at least in the US — with a real-money Auction House. Because of that, I approached multiboxing support for this game with caution. Before investing time into making it work, I needed to know that Blizzard would be okay with multiboxing. So I asked.

Unofficially, I was told, they have no current plans to treat it any differently than they do for World of Warcraft. (Unofficial is as good as it gets, for legal reasons, meaning that it’s subject to change and they do not provide any support whatsoever, etc.)

I made sure to also discuss the topic of sandboxing the game — as I’ve also done for Star Wars: The Old Republic — in order to play multiple instances on the same PC. After all, this game usually doesn’t let you do that. But Blizzard isn’t stupid; they realize that people will just use multiple computers, or virtual machines, to accomplish this regardless of whether I have Inner Space and ISBoxer sandbox it.  They have real problems to worry about, like fraud and hacks and bots, and playing multiple instances on the same PC does not particularly concern them — especially not enough to divert precious resources away from those things just to harass multiboxers. That makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

So you won’t get banned for using ISBoxer with Diablo 3. Good news for all!  From time to time, people think I’m wrong about things like that — they are still waiting for an ISBoxer ban wave from World of Warcraft or any of the other games we’ve been playing for years. All that’s been coming is more acceptance from more game publishers. And that’s certainly not a bad thing — a strong ecosystem of acceptable web sites, software, and even tech support gurus, keeps these games alive and their communities kickin’. Besides, multiboxing provides a EULA-compliant outlet for many technophiles who might otherwise cheat.

Anyway, a few days later, and Diablo 3 is supported by Inner Space and ISBoxer, including multiple instances on the same PC. Hell yeah!

First time multiboxing Diablo 3 Beta

First time multiboxing Diablo 3 Beta

There’s some minor issues that need to be solved yet, but by and large it can be done right this moment, with ISBoxer, and one PC. People are already doing it, and sharing their experiences on the ISBoxer forums. And even youtube, because why not?!

Next month this game goes live, and ISBoxer will be right there with you on day one!

The ISBoxer.com Diablo 3 forum has everything you need to know. :)

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