Multiboxing Realm of the Mad God

Every once in a while I’d get a request for multiboxing “browser games”. Seems like such a dirty word. I feel dirty for uttering it. It sounds like millions of tiny browser gamers weeping. But we’re not talking about Farmville here. Realm of the Mad God is a free-to-play 2d shooter MMO, built in Flash, and playable in your web browser. It’s also available through Steam.

I first attempted to support Realm of the Mad God via the Steam route, since I was already basically familiar with the challenges involved, but as it turns out it was more effective to support Flash. Thankfully, Adobe has official standalone Flash Player software… that can also make a standalone client (“projector”) to play a given Flash game! And because Flash supports Direct3D 9 when hardware acceleration is enabled, that means Inner Space (and ISBoxer)¬† should¬† already work. A few minor bug fixes later, and I’m multiboxing ROTMG like a king!

I’ve made it easy for anyone to get started multiboxing Realm of the Mad God. It’s just a matter of getting ISBoxer, and following the short How to Multibox a Flash game guide. Which I also made a video for! (The same technique used to multibox Realm of the Mad God will also work for other Flash games as well.)

I also shared some tips on the forums for multiboxing Realm of the Mad God, based on my experiences casually multiboxing the game. ( ROTMG forum section.) And I shared a custom Key Map for ROTMG, which includes a hotkey to teleport your guys to you via the game’s built-in /teleport command (that works once every 10 seconds), an all-to-Nexus hotkey, a right click menu disabler (so right clicking won’t bring up the flash menu when you are doing something important), and a couple other helpful tricks.

And then a happy customer, who goes by starcraftjunkie, recently posted a great new ROTMG multiboxing for newbies + Godlands guide as well, including a couple of videos of farming Godlands!

… Pretty cool. :)


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