On Multiboxing tolerance and the word “Automation”

As seen on the Diablo 3 forums… http://www.diablofans.com/blizz-tracker/topic/251940-multiboxing/

Most discussions on the legality or tolerance of multiboxing these days seems to center around the fact that “automation of gameplay” is generally prohibited by EULA, and the meaning of the word “automation” in this context.

The people who equate multiboxing with botting look at it and point out that the multiboxer presses a button and the multiboxing software “automatically” sends the button to the other windows, and therefore this is automation, and the same as botting, and the multiboxer should be banned! Well, they’re right that the software “automatically” sends the button to the other windows, but this is actually much different than automating gameplay.

When I was a teenager, I developed (and even sold to friends) scripts that fully automated text-based Multi-User Dungeons (MUDs). So I am familiar with this topic and certainly have a bit of experience on both sides of it. Here’s the most essential functions that separate a multiboxer from a botter:

  • The ability to sense information about the game (e.g. by reading memory)
  • The ability to respond to that information (e.g. by using a healing spell/potion when low on health, moving the character to the next location, targeting a mob, attacking the mob or selecting the most efficient attack, interrupting spellcasts, etc)

When multiboxing, the multiboxer himself is performing both of these two essential functions. With regards specifically to ISBoxer, ISBoxer cannot sense information about the game; it has no idea when your health is low! ISBoxer also cannot provide any response to the game (inputs, like pressing buttons) without the multiboxer himself providing manual inputs.

This, and the fact that ISBoxer does not violate other sections of the EULA or Terms of Service for Diablo 3 or other games is what keeps ISBoxer allowed in them!

As always, Be a Good Citizen ™ and don’t bot, and enjoy playing and multiboxing your favorite games!

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