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Much has happened in ISBoxer-land this year. ISBoxer 41 is out, kicking some ass and taking names. Since the release of ISBoxer 41, I’ve also done a dozen new videos walking through setup for various games as well as covering topics related to Menus and the Pro Configuration. Several games that ISBoxer users enjoy have released new updates or expansions for the summer (including EVE Online, EverQuest 2, Lord of the Rings Online and Star Trek Online), and more new games are supported as well. More games are even going free-to-play, notably RIFT. Suffice it to say that we have been busy around here!

Capture your multiboxing action with an Auto-Screenshots Button

Getting started with ISBoxer has never been easier. ISBoxer 41’s Quick Setup Wizard does a great job of producing a basic, working configuration for any of ISBoxer’s supported games from Action RPGs to standard MMORPGs, and non-standard MMOs like EVE Online.

Last month I also developed a new Game Helper for Cryptic Studios games (Star Trek Online, Neverwinter and Champions Online) to easily manage Key Bindings and macros for these games, similar to using the ISBoxer Addon for World of Warcraft! These are the only games other than World of Warcraft for which this feature is available — other games for the most part don’t provide the feature set to easily create a custom macro and bind it to a key in the game. So I was quite happy to introduce a new system that works for more than one game; thanks Cryptic! And yes, I made a video showing how to use ISBoxer’s Cryptic Studios Macro Library.

I also recently introduced a new Image Set feature to ISBoxer, to make it easier to share custom Menus and Click Bars. It is now possible to distribute a folder of images for quick and painless installation into ISBoxer! Now to get people to share some creative Menu designs:)


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