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Inner Space adds 64-bit support – multiboxing 64-bit games with ISBoxer now possible!

With the upcoming release (and current beta) of WildStar — with its 64-bit only client — it’s all-too-convenient that Inner Space (1.13) now supports 64-bit game clients! This new 64-bit support is the result of months of preparation, development and … Continue reading

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The latest in ISBoxer-land

Much has happened in ISBoxer-land this year. ISBoxer 41 is out, kicking some ass and taking names. Since the release of ISBoxer 41, I’ve also done a dozen new videos walking through setup for various games as well as covering … Continue reading

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ISBoxer 41 is around the corner, what’s coming?

ISBoxer 41! New skin! Menus! New Quick Setup Wizard! Buzzwords! I’ve been working hard on this major update to ISBoxer 41 since January and it’s almost ready. It’s time to show off some of the cool new stuff, and also … Continue reading

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