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Multiboxing Realm of the Mad God

Every once in a while I’d get a request for multiboxing “browser games”. Seems like such a dirty word. I feel dirty for uttering it. It sounds like millions of tiny browser gamers weeping. But we’re not talking about Farmville … Continue reading

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Politics and Multiboxing in EVE Online

Funny thing, this EVE game. First, some politics… EVE is one of the games friendliest to multiboxing. Multiboxing is EULA-compliant, lots of EVE players do it, it’s generally accepted, and multiboxing obviously preferred to actually hacking or botting. But, funny … Continue reading

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Diablo 3 Multiboxing

Oh boy, do I need to update my blog. So much to talk about, and so little time for me to talk about it. So here’s one for you. Diablo 3 is nearing the end of Beta. And people want … Continue reading

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